Toyota Corolla - 1991-1994 Review and Personal Experience

Toyota Corolla - 1991-1994 Review and Personal Experience

Corolla name alone has raised the image of the car is well - built , reliable and good . And no the most impressive examples of the Corolla AE92 models besides that began in the market in 1991 and 1994 .
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Why is that ? In my previous post about the characters pass-traffic in Perth , the main concern is the driver's ability to maneuver ! For my friends who smacking budget , but want to adjust to the pass-traffic situations , Toyota Corolla 1991-1994 will be an option that is very, very precise . Big name engine 4A - F , 4A - FE and 4A - GE Corolla Twin Cam 91-94 that carried a guarantee of performance cars on the road . Quality production and quality assurance warranty Toyota will also be a comfort to bring this car . And because this model has been quite inedible age , the market price is quite affordable . Especially for my friends who live 2-4 years cuman here , high resale - value of the Corolla will facilitate melegonya .

1991-1994 Toyota Corolla AE92 or model of a car that proved to be well - enginereed , well - built and well-equipped . Although this is now nearing its useful life , character and image the model is still a good choice!

And I own a Corolla users ! After bringing Hyundai Sonata 1996 for a month , I can not stand the maneuverability . My immediate successor swatch better able to compensate for the demands of pass-traffic on the roads Perth Metro . Toyota Corolla was the one who became my choice ! I'm very happy to be one of them! Although my Corolla aka 18-year -old in 1991 output , but still very good at carrying , do not look very old school - old school , and ... fuel efficient . Very fitting with the theme of Higher Education student , smacking bag but want feat ... heheheheh .

Models are available in the market

For automotive enthusiasts , including auto AE92 is very impressive with 21 kinds of models . It seems Toyota Corolla car wants to make a million people , from those who need basic slim pocket and transport to the rich who want more comfort . With four body models of Sedan , Hatchback , Liftback and Wagon , as well as four feature classes ranging SE , CS , CSi to CS - X , four kinds of machines and 3 types of transmission , Corolla AE92 surely will be a car for everyone .

4 - door sedan model looks fun though somewhat conservative and more geared to families as well as those already established age .
sedan corolla
5-door hatchback models seem very suitable for young people, with sweet lines and tapered distended.
sedan corolla jadul
While the 5-door Liftback is the most attractive model with a more stern elongated and curved smooth.
sedan corolla jadul banget
Class sedan model is available in SE, CS and CS-X, as well as the hatchback model, which also has a sporty SX class. While Seca Liftback models offered in the class CS, CS-X and SX.

All models carry the class along with a kitchen runway Twin Cam engine with inline 4-cylinder. Class entry-level engine in the form of 1.4-liter twin cam 60 kW power, the carburetor is only available in the Australian market. This engine is paired to a class of SE sedan and hatchback CS, with a 5-speed manual transmission.

For all models with CS classes and the CS-X, as well as the SE hatchback, Toyota pair a 1.6-liter twin cam berkarburator, with a 5-speed manual transmission. At CS classes are offered choices the 3-speed automatic transmission. While in the class CS-X, Toyota offers a 5-speed automatic transmission. Wagon models have the most high-class machine in the form of 1.6-liter twin cam, with fuel-injection which can shoot up to 76 kW.
Suspension systems for all models and classes is MacPherson Strut front and rear strut. A rack and pinion steering without power assistance, but the power steering is also available as an option for certain models and classes such as CS SECA Liftback. Adopt disc-disc front brake, while the rear brakes are drum.

Corolla Interior enough to give comfort, with a fairly complete instrument panel. Unfortunately, the interior materials such as hard plastic though quite durable but seemed a bit cheesy. Similarly, seat covered with fabric material is easy dirty.
bagian dalam

Price to redeem

91-94 Corolla output should have a distance of 160 thousand - 200 thousand miles on the odometer , but in the used car market is still felt strong , especially if the condition still smooth and shiny .

Dealer installed price level still shows an AUD 2500 for Corolla SE , 1991, and can be more expensive to AUD 300 hatchback models . Similarly for the sedan and hatchback models CS , can achieve 2900 's and AUD Seca Liftback models could be higher 500s again . SE sedan and hatchback output in 1994 could be worth AUD 4000-5000 's, which strengthens evidence of resale - value of the Corolla . Even models CSi Seca liftback limited reach AUD 5000-6000 's!

Lower prices can be obtained from private sellers , as is often advertised car - for -sale on Gumtree website or Quokka . The difference in price with the dealer could reach 500-2000 -dollars !

Carefully before buying

No one doubts the quality of manufacture Corolla . However , because it is aged 18-15 years and hundreds of thousands of miles that have been gone through , the car must also have suffered illnesses other cars age . The key is to carefully before buying !

It is important to examine carefully the important things such as service records , engine , timing belt , gearbox , transmission and brakes . Take the necessary time and ask the advice of the mechanic who understands Corolla .

With age the age of a college student , must be rare that Corolla has a full service record . But , ask the owner or dealer about how maintenance on the car ever.

4A - twin cam engines are very strong and durable as long as it is properly cared for and regularly . See the condition of the exhaust when the engine started . Oily wet exhaust , fumes and dripping water is a sign of engine irregularities . And with a mileage of 200 's of thousands of miles , the replacement of the timing belt for the second time must be ensured .

Gearbox and transmission Corolla generally trouble-free , but for a 5 - speed gearbox , a general problem lies in fifth gear . Run the car at sufficient speed and try to move into fifth gear , make sure your teeth do not jump .

Steering generally trouble-free , but try to observe the protective rubber boot drive shaft joints ( tie rod ) , see if it has been torn which could result in the steering feels loose aka " oglak " .

Body and very nice quality painting Corolla so it should last a long time , but the owners are reckless and Perth weather can be quite vicious body dented , scuffed and color memburam . Corolla interior is also quite strong and durable , but sure look " wear and tear " on all seats .

personal experience

I get CS Sedan Corolla 1991 with price AUD 1100, plus the cost of ownership transfer for 45 dollars .

When I bought , the physical conditions at a glance in a state of chaos ! Dirty , messy , dusty , sandy , opaque paint ! But by the time my test machine , well ... I think he's my choice to come . Engine is very smooth , responsive and powerful . So , I do not need to think twice , I immediately decided to bargain and buy ! Problem of physical appearance , .. Well ... wait 2-3 weeks after the hands so definitely soft, smooth and clean !

These are the images My Beloved Corolla CS 1991 after I worked with :

bagian depan

bagian samping

sisi keren

bagian belakang

mesin toyota corolla
And , after bringing this car for 3 weeks , the car feels completely different from the previous Hyundai Sonata . However other drivers maneuver , I could serve Corolla . 4A - F engine it feels tight and responsive . Handling is very solid and the steering is quite precise . Physical appearance alone now looks ' pristine ' alias sleek , clean and neat because it was like a caress my favorite wife ... heheheh ! Anyway , dinaikin ... really good ! The only one who did not enjoy cuman if you want to park in tight places , since Steering assisted by ' muscle ' , did not use a Power Steering !

This car seems to be my old life , except when I had a bit of luck that can buy a Corolla Ascent ... Whew ! My plan within three months , the timing belt should be replaced , all the belt - belt must be replaced , install and remote central lock , air conditioning re - gas should be in , and the rear brakes have dibenerin because it looks a bit leaky .

Overall, I'm a happy buyer ... true love can get this car ! And of course , now I'm a happy driver too ! Wait for the show deh , ... Margaret River .... here I come !

Value Plus

  •     Strong and durable machine
  •     Fuel-efficient
  •     Maintenance easy and cheap
  •     Solid body and chassis with responsive handling solid
  •     Toyota's brand image ensure resale - value

Minus value

  •     Features such as Power Steering , Power Window only available at upscale
  •     Quality of interior materials
  •     Noise heard in the cabin
  •     Cramped rear passenger leg room
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